About Us

Dear fellow travelers,
The following is a short brief viewed as a self-introduction that Prolands Tours would like to reveal to travel lovers and guests of honour who are concerned with our tourism operation via business attitude and phylosophy having been recognized by customers themselves.

Promise Lands Tourism Co., Ltd – Prolands Tours is one of the most prestigious tourism companies in Vietnam and well-known in the world market. We pride ourselves on talking about our company who has built a friendly image in customers’ feelings and experiences.
For nearly twenty years of our tourism operation, Proland tours have become an experienced tourism services supplier who can bring customers immense satisfaction when they choose our services. Our business attitude is to aimed to the quality of services and to look after customers with all our ability in the sense that customers must be given top priority to bring our company with sustainable development.

Best price

Proland Tours provides services for its customers without or rarely via the so-called middleman so the price is free of commissions or things like that. That keeps our tour prices significantly low compared to other travel companies in Vietnam. Moreover, we have been operating in tourism for over 18 years being long-term liable partners gaining great credit from hotels, carriers, other tour operators in Vietnam in particular and in Indochina in general. Therefore, these respected partners always give us top priority in terms of prices and service quality.

Excellent Services

Deeply understanding that quality of services is always customers’ greatest concern, we take nonstop efforts to upgrade our services to the best possible. in order to guarantee travelers’ pleasure and satisfaction, we hire a fleet of well-trained tour guides and drivers. Their professional elegant manner and their skills surely make travelers safe and interesting trips. We also run a customer center of which hotline is +84-4 2433782 to manage the quality of the services provided by us. The main tasks of this organ are to supervise the services of hotels, restaurants, and other services suppliers that we offer travelers, answer customers’ questions related to our services, collect customers’ feedback, proposal, study customers’ needs an requirements, monthly report the services provision via Treksapa.com, propose the improvements to the existing provided services. With such a fleet of professional staff, a helpful customers center, reliable partners including high quality hotels, restaurants throughout Vietnam, and Indochina, it is no doubt that our services are reaching the world class. So come to us to gain your money best value.

Environment- friendly travel

We are a Tourism company that has high responsibilities for the environment of places visited by our travelers. We raise an environment fund to support local authorities at the sites, and national parks visited by our travelers to improve the environmental conditions there. We, together some other tourism companies also contribute to the government project run to eliminate the pollutions in Halong Bay. Currently the amount contributed by us yearly to the project is up to 1000, 000, 000VND equivalent to US$ 62,000.

Small group Size

We always pay good attention to our travelers’ group size. It is strictly managed at our company. We never let travelers in a group of more than 15 people for short daily tours. In addition, the number of people in a group for long tours is no more than six people. For those who are non-profit or corporate, group size is upon request.

Well trained, experienced local guides

As mentioned above, we employ a well-trained fleet of local tour guides. They will always be experts in culture, traditions, customs, etc of the places you visit, and good friends of local people. With their hard-to-earn knowledge and experience, these guides will provide you deep understanding about traditions, history, culture, geography of the places you are visiting together with a close contact with local people who are very friendly, and hospitable. Our guides’ deep knowing will be the key factor that helps your trip be a perfect one.

It is admitted that all great satisfactions that customers benefit from our services are thanks to our continuous service quality improvement during the period of nearly twenty years. The message which we would like to send to customers is that “be a wise traveller”, and once you are our customers, you will recognize your values and our business attitudes and ethics.

Best wishes to all,

Managering Director: MBA. Giap Trong Phuc